Excel Shortcuts

This lesson is designed to help people quickly master shortcuts in Excel. It breaks down and demonstrates ways to navigate cells, navigate entries, navigate menus, tool tips for access keys (ribbon and quick access toolbar), screentips for key combinations, the context menu, many common examples, and troubleshooting.

This is a long lesson. The start times of various sections within the video are listed below.

Video sections and timestamps:

  1. Lesson outline (0:00)
  2. Why use shortcuts? (1:43)
  3. Troubleshooting (2:17)
  4. Access key shortcuts and key tips (5:27)
  5. Key combinations and screen tips (7:06)
  6. Navigation keys and modifier keys (8:44)
  7. Navigating within entries (11:44)
  8. Menus and dialogue boxes (12:37)
  9. Context menu (15:36)
  10. Useful shortcuts (16:57)
  11. Scroll wheel (44:58)
  12. Summary (46:16)